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Contraceptive pills imageNot all contraceptive pills are alike. The number of contraceptive pills available are so plenty that choosing which one to use can be overwhelming. For each type of pill there is a specific purpose. Monophasic, progesterone, combination biphasic, triphasic and extended cycle birth control pills have very specific difference. Before using any of the pills it would be best to first discuss the options with the doctor. Only after thoroughly discussing it with the doctor should the choice be made.

The types of contraceptive pills:

Progesterone Only

This type of contraceptive pill only has progesterone and not estrogen. This type of pill is good for women who are breastfeeding or those that have other conditions that prevent them from taking anything with estrogen. There are effects to using this type of contraceptive pill. These effects include nausea, moodiness, breast tenderness and less weight gain.


A combination contraceptive pill has two components in it – estrogen and progesterone. This type of contraceptive pill is considered as a low dose pill. Combination contraceptive pills usually have 35 mcg or less estrogen. However, some brands of this type of pill have different amounts of hormones in it. Again it is always good to consult the doctor before taking this contraceptive pill. A good example of a combination pill is Loestrin 24.


If the amount of estrogen and progesterone differs in the combination contraceptive pill, its composition in monophasic pills is the same. The advantage of having the same amount of estrogen and progesterone is that there are only a few mood changes that occur. This is because the hormone level is kept in a balance.


Multiphasic contraceptive pills are different from the others because it contains varying hormone content depending on when it will be taken. Two types of multiphasic pills are available – the biphasic pills and the triphasic pills. Biphasic contraceptives change the level of the hormone half way through the menstrual cycle. Triphasic pills on the other hand switches the level of the hormone level every end of the week. The advantage of using this kind of pill is that it simulates the menstrual cycle closely, thus reducing the side effects.

Extended Cycle

This is the last type of contraceptive pill is very unlike the other types of pills. While the other contraceptive pills ensures that there will be a monthly menstrual period, the extended cycle contraceptive pill makes sure that there will be not monthly periods. This can be taken for three months at a time or for some a year at a time.